Protecting Your Electronics

When it comes to our electronics, we can be a bit protective. I wouldn’t even dare so over protective, because these devices are incredibly valuable. They’re valuable in the monetary sense, of course, a smart phone costing hundreds of dollars in most cases, but they’re also valuable for sentimental reasons. Phones, laptops, tablets, etc. are all high end electronics, sure, but like any good product, what they do is what’s important, and these devices can do a lot. They let you talk to people over great distances, see what friends are up to via social media, allow us to enjoy some entertainment, and so much more, you’d be a fool to not a bit upset if and when one of these devices is stolen from you. That’s why we’re all on board with the idea of carrying cases for these devices.

In the case of smart phones, the carrying case in question is not to keep the phone on your person, because it’s small enough to fit in your pocket or pocketbook (purse). However, smart phones are a deadly combination of two unfortunate things. First, they’re fragile, and dropping them could lead to, at the very least, a cracked screen which, for a touch screen phone, is the touch of death. It could also all but destroy the phone. The other big problem at play here is just how easy it is to drop your phone. All of us have done it, and you can get lucky and walk away with your phone unscathed. However, it’s only a matter of time until you’re not so lucky, so phone cases exist to protect your phone from fall damage. This is peace of mind to smart phone users, and the percentage of the population that moniker applies to is steadily increasing.


However, with laptops, we use carrying cases, like briefcases, messenger bags, backpacks, etc. not to protect the device from damage, but to keep it from being stolen. Laptops are portable, hence the name, so of course we’re going to take them places, and brandishing a laptop in public without a way to make sure it stays on your person is a recipe for disaster, so if your laptop is with you, and you’re headed to 24 Hour Fitness for your daily workout, you’re going to need a bag to put the laptop in to keep it safe. You can leave it in your car or bring it with you, too, because of its incognito status. Therefore, a bag like this is a must for any laptop owner.

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